Eyeing Waverly

So have you checked out all the WAC stuff yet?

We’re all pretty excited about it’s up-and-coming release. Plus pre-orders have started already! Crazy! There’s still a lot left for us to do around here before it happens.

I’m sure many of you have seen the announcement concerning the website upgrade. After nearly a year of hype, it is finally going to happen. In case you’ve yet to read it, here’s what Admin “Nikeheart” has to say about it –

“We are finally updating the design of the Message Board to match our website! Yes, that’s the burgundy background that’s been highly anticipated by our fans. The burgundy code is 3C0928 for signature makers and the gold that we use is FDBD5C. So say your final goodbyes to the teal as we bring in the new burgundy.

Unfortunately, we need to a day to make the move, so we’ll have to shut down the message board on Sunday 9/27/09 starting at noon. The boards will be up on Tuesday 9/29/09.”

Make sure and remember those dates!

And finally, here’s a little hint for #27

I’m going to give you two big hints


First – This subject of this puzzle was hidden in the last hint I gave 😛
Second – I’m going to give you the spaces for the words (since there are so many possiblities)

“—– — —, —- —– —- — ——“

Nice!Tomorrow is finally Friday and then… relaxation. Cheerio!

– Novel –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I cannot wait till the boards are back up!!!!! 🙂 I really like the new color it suits Nancy!!!

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