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It’s Tuesday! (oh the excitement)

I hope your Monday was quite rewarding. The office is still bouncing about with activity. We’re pretty excited to release our first ever DS game. Though it has been pretty tricky. There’s all sorts of processes we had to learn when working with other companies, but I’d say it’s been worth it. We’ve got the stuff! (gratuitous flexing aside)

So about that contest. I want you to know that you all are getting the story first! I’m breaking the news right here before anyone else. 😛 Though I don’t have all the tid-bits, I do know where to complete the puzzle. So here goes:

We’re starting a sweepstakes to work with the launch of Resorting to Danger. This contest is going to be a trivia contest that has you answering questions based on RED. So what’s the payout? Well, that’s the best part. We’re going to select one random winner to appear in the next Dossier game. Now I know what you’re going to say, but this time, there’s a special trick. Since Dossier is done in a particular art style, it means we can’t just use a photo. We’re going to have our artists use their best skills to transform your portrait into the beautiful painterly style seen in the game! Now that’s a handsome prize!

Unfortunately that’s all the beans I can spill. All the blah info; dates, times and the trivia; will appear in the next newsletter, which I believe should be out this week. (don’t worry, the contest doesn’t officially start until then) So sign up and keep your eyes peeled. Adios amigos!


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4 responses to “Concerning Contests”

  1. Anonymous says:

    MAN! I cant do this contest 🙁 Cuz I never played a ND Dossier game, well, I am just going to wait. When is the next Contest?

  2. Novel_Sleuth says:

    @ anon – Don’t worry, I think they got ya covered on this one. You can answer the questions by playing the demo available on the website!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Whooo! The questions were pretty easy… so how many people do you think will enter the contest?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where and how and when do you answer the questions?

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