Tuesday to Muse

Boy! has it been a while since I’ve written you all in the middle of the week. Summer has been doing such an excellent job of it, I’ve nearly forgotten just what news to give. As intern, she gets to work on a lot of fun activities, while my work is a bit less news-worthy. Of course that being said, what I got to focus on this past week was pretty rockin’-awesome!

WAC is coming, which I’m sure you’re aware of, and I got the good-fortune to work on some of the copy for the packaging. As a member of the marketing team, I usually get to help by providing some input on the boxes we make for each game. This time however I was able to actually be a part of the creation process.

Last week I worked on writing the copy that appears on the box. I got to help outline the plot, describe the special features, and pen the tagline! We’ll probably go through a few re-writes, but I had a lot of fun trying to come up with great things to say. Though I’ve got to say it is a challenging job. It can be very tricky trying to fit an entire storyline into just 300 characters.

I did manage to pull a line out for you all. It is one of my favs, but unfortunately we had to cut it from the final version. >.<

“Enroll in an Academy of Intrigue!”

Pretty snappy huh? Sometimes the right words just sound so nice. I’ll see if I can sneak a few more lines off the box for you to read. Mmwwhahhah!

– Novel (XXVII) –

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2 responses to “Tuesday to Muse”

  1. Firewing3333 says:

    Excitement level just doubled 😀 You know, it really does sound better than before (no offense).

  2. Elenor says:

    Oh, that’s a great one!
    That’s one academy I’ll defintely enroll in!
    I am so excited for WAC!

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