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Hello hello,

I hope everyone had a fruitful weekend, full of fun and relaxation. There’s a lot to be done this week. We’ve got the launch of the DS game soon. There’s a new newsletter on it’s way (written by our much-missed intern, Summer), as well as a new contest debuting tomorrow! And maybe a few more tricks up our sleeves… ^.~

I saw that some people didn’t want me to spoil puzzle #24 just yet. So I’m going to consolidate all the hints we’ve given so you can make one final push (with help from Mari.)

— Puzzle #24 hint —


You’ve got the phrases right.

[ “Do not look a gift horse in the mouth”]
[ “A piece of cake” ]

And you’re on the right track. You just need to finish the numbering. You may have to work in a different direction and don’t forget to count spaces.

As a side note, I’m still being blown away by the dedication to solving this one. Mari is determined to see you solve it on your own two feet as well. She’s furiously holding the keys to #25, though from what I’ve seen you all are working in the right direction there too. More on this tomorrow though.

Sorry for the late-day post, sometimes Mondays come through like a tornado. Let’s hope tomorrow is a bit less blustery, yeah?



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