And the winners are… sort of announced…

Sorry about the late post folks, you’ve got to understand that this was an extremely tough decision. I was so impressed with all of the entries I received. You all did wonderfully and it’s taken me the better part of this entire day just to pick two winners. And just because the tension isn’t enough for you all, we’ve forgotten ask for authorization to post winning entries. So in the most lackluster display ever, (until we’re given clearance to post the entries, oof legalese) the winners are announced… as such:

1. A currently anonymous entrant who crafted an inspiring (and hopefully soon to be posted) paragraph on “our favorite propmaster, Millie Strathorn.”


2. Another currently unnamed contestant who’s entry on Beatrice Hotchkiss was quite exemplary (also eagerly awaiting posting)

My deepest apologies for this rather blase announcement. But worry not, once they winners have replied, you’ll be feasting your eyes on some wonderful writing. Some times these legal things really take the wind out of my sails… sheesh…

I’ll also be contacting a few other people, as some of the runners-up did an incredible job, and I’d love to post their entries as well. So congrats to the winners (you know who you are) and my sincerest respect for those of you who entered. It was a joy to read all of your submissions. Till tomorrow! (I owe you guys big for your patience :P)

– Novel (adrift?) –

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3 responses to “And the winners are… sort of announced…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Novel! Can’t wait to see ’em!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will you be announcing the runners up?
    -Cajun Girl

  3. Novel_Sleuth says:

    I may try to post some of the runners up. We shall have to see. I’m going to be contacting some of them so that we can post their essays. We’re super busy, but I’d love to share more of them with you all.

    – Novel –

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