The main purpose of this blog is to give you, the avid fans, some insight into life at Her Interactive. A lot of what Novel and I talk about is what is going on around here, but rarely do we mention the people doing it. Well today, as I was looking over all the surveys on the message boards created by people waiting for RAN, inspiration struck. I made up a small survey of my own with some generic questions and sent it around the office. Here’s the results!

1. What is your favorite Nancy Drew game?
32% of the office said Legend of the Crystal Skull! In second place was The Haunting of Castle Malloy with 24% and third place was a tie between Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and Curse of Blackmoor Manor with 20%.

2. What is your favorite game (other than Nancy Drew)?
I got a lot of responses to this question because there are so many amazing games to choose from, but the few that got several (three or more) votes were: Tetris, Mario Kart, The Curse of Monkey Island, and Mine Sweeper

3. What is your ideal type of cookie?
Again, I got an overwhelming variety of answers but the frontrunner was chocolate chip (surprise, surprise) with 40% of the office’s unquestioning affection. Next came oatmeal chocolate chip with 20% (and my personal vote). Lastly the third place spot went to peanut butter with 18% of the votes.

4. If you could go to any continent which would it be?
Europe – 32%
Australia – 20%
Asia – 18%
Antarctica – 12%
Africa – 8%
N. America (They’d stay here) – 6%
S. America – 4%

5. What music genre do you prefer?
Most popular? Alternative rock with an outstanding 31% of votes. Second place goes to singer/songwriter with 28% and Punk came in third with 25%. These may seem like pretty generic answers but I got all sorts of responses from trip-hop to acid jazz to techno to goth!

I hope you guys enjoyed that and recognized how many different opinions and preferences we have here at HI. Tomorrow Novel will be on with the Weekend Puzzle so I’ll talk to you guys Tuesday.

Drink water and be safe.

Summer Sleuth

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