Weekend Puzzle XV Hint and some news!

It’s awesome that you all are dedicated to this pursuit! You’ve gotten soooo close to the answer, so I’m going to give you just one more hint. Here goes.

I’ve seen some of you with the right numbers, which is fantastic. And as much as I’d like to give you the answer, I’ll I can say is you’re looking for a particular place, one that we may have visited before…

Keep at it, you’re almost there!

Just for a head’s up, we might be featuring a wonderfully excellent guest writer soon! We’ve had a recent addition to our staff, and she might be taking over the reins of the AS blog for a little bit. I’m sure she’ll have some exciting new content to share with us. I’m not going to completely spoil the surprise though. I’ll have to let her do the introductions. As to when… well, it may be sooner than you think!


-Novel: 9 –

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