Weekend Puzzle Sixteen Hints

Sorry about my absence yesterday, I’m sure that many of you are quite anxious to get a little hint from me. This puzzle is certainly a challenge, so let me see what I can give you to help out.

Everyone is doing fantastic, keep up the hard work.

One thing that might help though is to know that all of the {}’s and ()’s are just a way of separating the numbers, you don’t actually need any math. We just needed a method of visually defining the space/relationship between the numbers and what they mean.

Also, (same) might be a bit abstract, so assume that in place of (same) is (2,345). This however does not mean that 2,345 = same [as a key].

Alright, let’s see if that gives you just the right thought. I’ll catch up with ya’s later!

– Novel –

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