HI Snapshot #12 and Musings

Greetings my fellow sleuthers!

I don’t have much lined up for you today, but we’ve been busily working to wrap up all the craziness with Ransom of the Seven Ships. The release is quickly approaching and we are all excited! I don’t think we’ve ever been quite this busy. We’ve got RED releasing later this year as well, and boy does the extra work start to stack up.

I’ve added this image from the HI library cause, well, I was in there for a good amount of time this week. But also because one of the most prominent books on the shelf was titled, “The Eleventh Hour.” I felt that this was a rather silly coincidence. Not only is it a great book, filled with beautiful art and a splendid mystery, but it also alludes to the well-known idiom. Glorious, I’d say. Ah well, it looks to be a bountiful summer for all the Nancy Drew lovers!


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