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So with the myriad of perplexity that I posted last week, I think I’m going to have to spend a large amount of space today handing off all the various methods used in solving each of the puzzles. I hope everyone’s been having fun with them!

Let’s start with Puzzle 16 –

Puzzle 16 was written in code, that code was [ Braille ] When written out, it appears as numbers which signify [ the positions of the dots. ] So, let’s look at the puzzle:


[{3} (1,234) (1) (2,345) (2,345) (13,456)]



[{3} (1,235) (24) (14) (13) (136) (234)]


We know that all of the operators were there to separate the information, so that tells us that: 3, 1234, 1, 2345, 2345, 13456 spells out one word. There were two tricky parts, one is the {3} that appears before two of the words. Placing a “3” before any word means [ that the first letter is capitalized, telling us that these are a proper names ] The second part is the middle word. While it appears like only one letter, the code actually has a few words that can be created with the use of one character. In this case 12346 = [ and ]. And that’s all there is to it. So once you’ve gotten the letters, there was no unscrambling, making the answer:

[ Patty and Rickus ]

This one is a bit more direct, but utilizes fantastic wordplay. Getting to the end result is great deal of fun. Here’s how it is done: [ To solve it, each line has a clue that tells you which letter in the noun in that line is part of the answer. ]

Nancy Drew Riddle – By NancyDrewGal111

Is always in the lead when it comes to notetaking
[ Line 1. lead – notetaking = N]

Always eager to start an adventure
[ Line 2. start – adventure = A ]
Comes out the end of every creepy mansion
[ Line 3. end – mansion = N]
The one who starts finding clues almost immediately
[ Line 4. starts – clues = C ]
Who solves every mystery all the way to the end!
[ Line 5. end – mystery = Y ]

Put the whole thing together and you get [ Nancy ] This was a wonderfully well-thought puzzle and we applaud NancyDrewGal111 for her entry.

And up next is another grand entry. This one had many of our staff stumped for quite some time, but once you see how its done, I’m sure you’ll be as amazed as we were.

Who Am I? – By GirlDetective

Each of the below questions is solved by information from various games we’ve released.

The smallest word that Nancy saw on the lodgers’ temporary door signs at Icicle Creek. (….)
[ do ]

Richard Topham is proud of this measurement of aptitude. (|..)
[ test ]

The first of four words in a favorite quote of Joanna’s, minus the first, fifth, and sixth letters. (|…)
[ emp ]

Red was proficient at imitating this creature that startled Nancy. (…)
[ owl ]

Professor Hotchkiss longs to have this on her next visit to Wisconsin. (|)
[ cheese ]

Breland is an important ingredient for Nancy to use in making this. (.)
[ tea ]

Nancy’s father does this for a living. (|….)
[ lawyer ]

Millie had no idea that Nancy used this. (..)
[ knob ]

The chickens at Shadow Ranch do this each day. (|.)
[ lay ]

For the position of words, use the first name and the last initial of the missing reporter Nancy was trying to find. [ Maya N. = Mayan (numerals) ]

So given that, the symbols in parenthesis allows us to order the words as such:
[ tea knob owl do cheese lay test emp lawyer ]

After you’ve placed the words, you need to be like Samantha to discover the answer.
This reference is to another character, [ Samantha Quick ]

To solve the puzzle you then have to [ say the words “quick”- ly ]
Once you’ve done this, you get [ Tino Balducci’s latest employer ] which at the time of the riddle was [ Chantal Moique ]. And that’s the answer to “Who Am I.”

Simply amazing. That’s a stand-out riddle if I’ve ever seen one. Special chops to you GirlD, we loved it.

And last but certainly not least, we have the puzzle from this weekend. The puzzle was solved very quickly, but it was a nice quick addition from Mari. To solve it you just had to follow a specific path. Those of you that did discovered [ Port Out, Starboard Home ] Oh dear more clues…

Well that’s all today, given our multitude of reveals. Tune in tomorrow for some extra special activities. Sayonara!

– Novel –

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