Weekend Puzzle X

Okay Puzzle players, here’s this week’s puzzle. The answer will give you one of the characters for RED. Have a great weekend!

Once upon a time there lived a single, beautiful unicorn. Thrice did hunters attempt capture of it, and finally one succeeded.

On their fifth birthday, two princesses heard of the trapped creature.

“That is too sad,” they said, “We must free it!”

So the princesses gathered an ennead of friends and marched off through the wilderness.

Days later, they came upon a castle with many towers in quinary arrangements. Gates and traps and mazes filled the fortress. Only a single child passed all nine trials and made it to the center. None were injured or hurt, and they all helped the one get inside.

It was the youngest princess who made it the farthest and just as she freed the solitary unicorn, eight of her friends joined them (the others had run home.)

Together they escaped and lived free and happy lives.

Good luck!

– N0V3l –

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