Weekend Puzzle #12 Revealed!

Happy Memorial Day folks! I just thought I’d pop by and give you the scoop on the weekend puzzle. You all solved it so quickly, I’m stunned! Here’s the key for those of you still working.

1-4169-6827-X —-> [ ISBN # ]
1st W last L —–> [ 1st word, last letter of the book title found by the ISBN = T ]
2nd W last L = [ Y ]


1st W 1st L = [ T ]
2nd W 3rd L = [ O ]

2nd W 2nd L
= [ Y ]
2nd W 1st L = [ M ]

2rd W 1st L
= [ S ]
2rd W 2nd L = [ E ]

1st W 1st L
= [ R ]

Shuffle up the letters and you get: [ To Mystery ]

Combine that with last week’s answer and the final answer is: [ “Resorting to Mystery” ]

Congrats to those of you who solved this puzzle. As a side note, and a little clarification for those of you looking at the answer in a funny way, let me explain. The next Dossier game title is “Resorting to Danger.” The puzzle’s answer is one of the many titles we originally came up with for the game. The puzzle’s designer thought this answer, with it’s likeness to the real title, would be a nice way to trick some of you into seeking the “wrong” answer. But it would seem you were unfazed by this sneaky ploy and managed to complete the puzzle in grand fashion. As a nice little bonus, you’ll find a few other titles we brainstormed below.

– Nip, Tuck, Terror
– In a Spa of Trouble
– Spa-ntaneous Combustion *my personal fave*


– Novel –

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One response to “Weekend Puzzle #12 Revealed!”

  1. Meg says:

    I like “Nip, Tuck, Terror” as well!

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