It would appear the blog was left un-posted yesterday (I was out sick,) so in fairness, I’ve obtained a special picture today. I managed to borrow this artwork from one of our marketing artists, as it hasn’t even been put into the game yet! This is going to be one of the images shown during the installation of RED. The marketing team calls them “billboards,” and if you’ve installed any of our games, then you’re probably quite familiar with a lot of them.

(click to enlarge)

They mainly serve as static advertisements, like real billboards, but I think they also help to pass the time while your waiting for the latest Nancy Drew mystery to load up on your PC. They do one for each game in both series’, as well as billboards that call out the Wii game, the webpage, and even the message board! It certainly is a sneaky tactic, as a little art goes a long way, particularly when I’m already craving a mystery ^.^

I’ll see if I can get the lowdown on the process for you all sometime soon, and maybe even a copy of the RAN “billboard” I snuck a peek at. Keep it groovy.

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