Mixing it up!

I’m really glad many of you decide to submit your requests for blog content. It’s given me some awesome ideas. So I’m going to try to work through as many of your suggestions as possible. I’ve got to set up some interviews and button down some of the loose ends, but you should expect to see some great new content here!

As for today, I’m going to let you all in on a little project I’ve been working on. As you may recall, we recently changed our logo (say last year.) With that change we’ve been working on catching up on some of our company’s other marketing assets. I’m going to talk about a musical accent for our logo animation.

Think about all the little jingles you can remember from other companies. Can any of you hum the theme of the Nancy Drew TV series or the theme of the Nancy Drew PC games (the books, oh the books) for that matter? I’m sure many of you could recognize the various themes from a myriad of commercials, movie trailers, or other promotional materials. For the marketing department it is a great way to remember us and keep the song stuck in your head.

So now I guess the real question is, what should the musical accent for the Her Interactive logo sound like? We use a specific score for the Adventure games that helps tie in with the title treatment. In addition, our Dossier series even has its own signature piece. So what to do for HI? Well we tried to come up with something that embodied our design ideas (mysteries of course,) while still expressing the open-mindedness and fun that really defines our company.

Intrigued? Well if you can wait a bit longer, I’ll post the scoop as soon as it’s completed!

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4 responses to “Mixing it up!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh Please Don’t Change Your Theme Song!! I Really Liked Your Original One! Please Don’t Change It!!!!!

    – NancyDrewFan2380

  2. Anonymous says:

    YES! VERY INTRIGUED! I hope you pick something similar to the background music for CUR. I have a bunch of them on my iPod! I particularly love the songs called “Memoirs” and “Renaissance.” Something like that would be perfect. Those songs are both very mysterious and go well with the whole idea. I understand that it would be a never-before-heard new song in all probability, but you get the idea.

    I didn’t get to comment on the other post, but I would like to add that I’m willing and interested to read anything that you would like to share with us!!!! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    It should be the old theme song and every so often it would say “It’s up to you as Nancy Drew!”

  4. Derek says:

    Me and my friend who’s also on HER made up a jingle for fun a long time ago. “HER Interactive *Bing* Where else would I be?” lol. It’s not the greatest. lol.

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