Answers, Comments, and Question. Oh My…

Well done sleuths! It would seem you’ve managed to solve the weekend puzzle. I’m posting the answer below in spoilers for those of you still working on it.

[ A Movie Star ]

RED is coming along quite well, and for those of you who have yet to experience the first game, Lights, Camera, Curses! we’ve released it to retail. It shipped out today, and we posted it up on our site to sell. I know a lot of our fans were clamoring to get us to release it, and finally we’ve succeeded in granting their wishes. I think this is pretty awesome. It’s a change enacted by you all!

So if you could change something, not necessarily at HER, maybe at your school or home, what would you petition for? would it be a big change, or just something small? So let’s have at it!

– Novel (open) –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would petition that huge stores like Walmart should have a green roof. You know, where they have a huge garden planted right on the roof! Green roofs do wonders for the environment too!!!

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