Weekend Puzzle # 8 (revisited)

Well, seeing as the puzzle #8 is still ongoing, I’ll let you all keep working on it. Designer Mari has stopped by to provide everyone with a hint to help wrap this riddle up!

You’re all very, very close! Here’s your next hint: It’s not a “Krolmeister” blog entry you’re looking for. Good luck!

Thanks for the hint Mari! (coincidence is a silly thing, no?) I think this little push should send you all in the right direction. Good luck sleuths!

– Novel ni-hint –

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One response to “Weekend Puzzle # 8 (revisited)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is thank goodness that someone solved it! The “red sounds” sounds pretty exciting! I personally haven’t played LCC yet–I’m waiting for it to come out on CD. But RED sounds like it’s going to be fun! Love the dumb blonde voice. Kudos for making such a difficult puzzle. I loved how it had all of the steps. All of our Weekend Puzzles should be like this! Seriously, a standing o!

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