Answer to Puzzle #9

Alright sleuths, here’s the answer to the weekend puzzle. I’ve got to say I very much enjoyed the plethora of names you all came up with, but only one name was correct for this puzzle. (Highlight between the brackets to see the answers.)

1. I married a famous poet and wrote a monstrously famous book. Who am I?
[ Mary Shelly ]

2. Listen to my name and what do you hear?
[ Listening to a shell, you hear the ocean ]

3. How many are there?
[ 5 Oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern) ]

4. X * 3 – 6 = ?
[ 5 * 3 – 6 = 9 ]

5. What letter is this?
[ I is the 9th letter of the alphabet ]

6. Key (syn.)
[ A synonym for a piano key that starts with I is “Ivory” ]

So the Answer is: “The Ivory Room”

So what exactly is in this room? Well hopefully we’ll find out soon. Good job to everyone!

– Novel –

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