On the “new” Industry trends

Today there were some inter-office emails sent around that linked to a discussion on women and technology. The article was written from a panel at South by Southwest, a convention celebrating film, music, and other entertainment and artistic mediums. The panel was speaking about how females get into technological fields by first playing video games and becoming interested in their creation. The report was pretty cool, but one of the best things was that Megan Gaiser, our president, got to speak about HI! I can’t include the link, but here’s an excerpt of what was written,

Megan Gaiser, president and CEO of Her Interactive (publisher of the popular game titles) gave a brief genesis of her company, explaining that publishers initially didn’t want to market or develop games for women. “Since they wouldn’t let us in the front door, we went around to the back door and starting learning how to sell directly on Amazon.” They began turning a profit in 2002 after hiring a retail consultant and moving towards self-publishing, thus earning Nancy Drew the title of “The UnBarbie of Computer Games.”

Gaiser pointed out, “Creativity is the great equalizer,” and spoke about welcoming more women into the games industry. “It takes the balance of both genders to create unique and diversified content.”
[www.joystiq.com, SXSW 2009: Gaming as a Gateway Drug: Getting Girls Interested in Technology, Kevin Kelly]

I think that’s a pretty amazing statement, and it certainly represents something I believe whole-heartedly in.

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