Answer to the Weekend Puzzle #4

Okay sleuths, it’s time to find out the answer to the riddle. Were you able to solve it?

March 8th = Daylight Saving Time

March 17th = Saint Patricks Day

March 20th = First Day of Spring

Unscramble the letters to get:

“Danger at a Spa”

That’s a Dossier reference I believe, pretty excellent! Don’t forget about the special newsletter puzzle this weekend. It should be rather exciting. I can’t wait to try it.

Novel, Out.

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4 responses to “Answer to the Weekend Puzzle #4”

  1. Phoenix Star says:

    We tried that, but a ‘G’ was left over, so we got A Gang at Red Spa! What’s with the other g?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This has probably already been brought to your attention, but…there’s an extra G in your puzzle 🙁 That was a good, tricky one though!

  3. Novel_Sleuth says:

    @Phoenix Star – I like yours!

    Oh dear dear… I’m going to start double checking these. I don’t mind admitting that I certainly was unable to solve this one. I commend everyone who kept at it.

  4. Phoenix Star says:

    Heh heh well thank you. It was Girl Detective’s idea.

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