And the answer to Weekend Puzzle #2 is…

A little trickier this time.. eh? The key to the clues centered around a little bit of “letter math”:

  • Evolutionary Revolutionary Ship:  HMS Beagle
  • -3 (remove the HMS) Beagle
  • 3 (leave the middle 3 – Bea) [Bea]gle
  • -3 (remove the last 3 – gle) Bea
  • 14th letter of the alphabet is n (add that to the end)



Now just who (or what) is this mysterious “Bean”? Hmmm..

Stay tuned for their debut in Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships!

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3 responses to “And the answer to Weekend Puzzle #2 is…”

  1. Carlina says:

    Hey just a question. On the RSS article on Wikipedia it has a list of the suspects!!! It isn’t real is it?

  2. Lib says:

    Bean? I used to know a pug named Bean. Or maybe he was in a movie. Is Bean a person? Interesting interesting…

  3. AS says:


    Any information posted outside of this blog, the official HerInteractive Website & Blog, Newsletters, Press Releases and Twitter Posts – is cannot be vouched for and should be believed cautiously 🙂

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