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Today I attended a designer’s meeting – we have them weekly and it’s a chance for some of HI’s game designers and developers to come together and discuss a myriad of things, most of which involve topics centering around gaming theories, industry trends and development strategies. It’s always a fun meeting because instead of just discussing the games themselves, we discuss what goes into a game; the creative process, the “juice”. From discussions about A.I. to player difficulty levels to reward systems, it’s a mind-meld of puzzling genius 🙂


This week after our discussion we all played a retro board game that someone brought in called “Mystery Mansion”. You have to build a mansion by adding on different rooms, and then using “clue” and “search” cards you search the rooms for treasure! Once I caught on to the rules it was quite fun, and really reminded me of several games in the Nancy Drew series (especially Nancy Drew and the Haunting of Castle Malloy).


I’m no board game genius, but it looks like the winner for the first game was… ME, the intern :). Next week: “Fantasy Forest”….


DSCN2899 DSCN2901


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7 responses to “Designers Meeting – Fun & Games”

  1. Ringbearer says:

    What a fun meeting! And what a cute game. It looks like a total blast!

    Congrats on winning, by the way. 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    I never heard of that game, but it looks like fun. Signed,drewfan12

  3. ndplayer3 says:

    looks fun!! 🙂

  4. Kaitie says:

    I’ve never heard of it either. . . but ahhhh I want to try it now!! it looks so funn!!! 😀

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wait a sec, I own this game!

  6. Coralie says:

    I love that game! My aunt owns it and every time they come over we play : ) Although, hers is a little different looking as far as the board play goes. Hers is just a board that you set up traps on. But it has the same box and the same looking cards. Hmmm…

  7. Lomelindi says:

    Gee, I wish meetings where I work involved board games!

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