And the answer to the weekend puzzle is…

Hey everyone, great sleuthing!

I am 1st to the rainbow and second to Snow White’s sister.  What am I?”

The answer is……


The “code” is that this is the three-letter abbreviation code being used for the upcoming ND Dossier #2!


1. The first color on the rainbow scale is Red.Rainbow





2.In the original Brothers Grimm version of Snow White, Snow White has a sister named Rose Red. SnowWhiteRoseRed



As soon as I posted the riddle I saw that there were several sleuthers online who figured it out pretty quickly, but I decided to post the answer today to give others some more time.


Don’t worry – the next one is harder (stay tuned for that sometime later this week).


P.S. – oh yeah, “Redondo” is nowhere in the full title.



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One response to “And the answer to the weekend puzzle is…”

  1. Coralie says:

    That was so fun! Thanks for posting this riddle : ) Can’t wait for the next one! =D

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