Lights, Camera, Curses – the first reviews

The first reviews of Lights, Camera, Curses from our fans are out! You can read very well-written reviews on our message board from Lomelindi and and nancy27c to see what they think of the new great girl games. They both do a great job describing the game – I couldn't have said it better myself.

We have a hard time describing the game because the idea behind it is so simple – find hidden objects and match them together in a way that makes sense so you can solve the mystery while playing a few mini-game along the way. But that doesn't sound very interesting on paper… It's actually quite fun to scour the screen for tiny objects and then try to piece the clues together. What things do you need to do fix a generator? How can you make a red lightbulb from objects in a room? Who wrote the threatening letter that I saw earlier? Those are all tasks you need to accomplish, but the answers are never straightforward. You'll have to put your sleuthing skills to work to solve Lights, Camera, Curses.

Feature Highlight: Conversation with Characters
In Lights, Camera, Curses, the conversations are a little different from the Adventure series. You must pay attention to the story and choose the right questions to ask the characters or else they'll think you're crazy. While you aren't penalized for asking the wrong questions, you'll earn fewer points, which will make it less likely that you'll be able to unlock the alternate ending. So pay attention what you see and what you read!

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