the Cody Capers

First of all, Happy Halloween! We at Her Interactive take Halloween pretty seriously – it's a day to have fun and celebrate the fact that we are a gaming company. People dress up, we have a little party, and we gather around to play Werewolf. Of course things are still getting done, but it's a festive environment. Maybe we'll post pictures of the costumes later. 🙂

The Cody Capers is launching tomorrow and the team that worked on this game has done a wonderful job! This series doesn't take the place of our Nancy Drew games, but we thought it would be a nice way for our fans to fill the time between games. It's also has levels, so you can play for 15 minute and then go back to work. I know I'm addicted to it in my free time. Without much further ado, I present to you, the trailer for the Cody Capers: Cody Pops the Case!

View the Cody trailer

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