trailer, part III

Today we continue exploring the trailer making process, this time with the trailer creator himself – Josh. Although we have a handefull of directors working on various trailers, Josh's work includes White Wolf of Icicle Creek, Creature of Kapu Cave, Danger on Deception Island, and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. He's also one of the artists who works on the Nancy Drew PC games. Here's his explination of how he makes the trailers:

"Generally, each game has a certain mood or atmosphere, so what I like to do first is actually listen to the soundtrack and find music that fits the mood. Once I find a fitting piece of music, I look for a second piece of music that keeps the mood but also adds tension.

Then, I try to figure out a good scene to start the trailer with. Usually, I like something that pulls you in and gives you an idea of the setting for the game. Afterwards, I look for a good scene to end with so I know it ends on something exciting. Finally, I like to find compelling scenes that all fit together with the music and provides a great transition from the beginning to the end. "

I, for one, am amazed. Josh creates some of the BEST trailers that I have ever seen! So far, the Legend of the Crystal Skull trailer is looking pretty good as I mentioned yesteryda – I can't wait to see the final after we work out the pacing!

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