Intern Days Spent Snooping (Weekend Puzzle 374)

One of my favorite things about the first summer I worked for Her Interactive was all the snooping I did in the office! During lunch breaks, before work, and after work, sooooo many opportunities for snooping. Now, I wasn’t as bold and brazen as Nancy. Other people’s offices were off limits. I was not about to be the first summer intern to be fired! I had a pretty good feeling I wouldn’t get a second chance. My bags would be packed faster than Shorty could say “vegetables.”

Now some of the places I *did* snoop in were the endless puzzle shelves in the kitchen, the numerous bookshelves in our little library, the replica of Nancys’ room Little Jackalope made, the art of foley/sound effect room, and the testing room with hundreds of computer games people brought in to play.

Some of the cool things I found and got to keep at the end of my internship were quite a few books used for game research, a Desperate Housewives sims-style computer game (it made me giggle so much), and THIS!

Look familiar? It served as inspiration for the otter puzzle in Haunting of Castle Malloy! I absolutely loved the puzzle in the game, it’s probably one of my top 5 favorite puzzles in Nancy Drew games! I would be a little embarrassed if I admitted how long it took me to actually finish the puzzle in real life though. If I remember correctly someone had to eventually tell me which piece went into one of the corner spots to help jump-start the solution!

So what does the clue crew think? Should share with you some of those books I got to take home with me? And before I forget, here in weekend puzzle 374!




6 responses to “Intern Days Spent Snooping (Weekend Puzzle 374)”

  1. Madi says:

    I love the replica of Nancy’s room! If I got to snoop anywhere it would definitely be bookcases.
    Also, for youtube will you guys be doing more real videos rather than just shorts? Never been interested in tiktok and this whole thing youtube is doing to compete with them with shorts is kind of annoying cause many creators switched to that now. I like longer videos cause that’s what I put on when I’m working on something and I cant really do that with shorts…
    Maybe you guys could come up with some skits or something like LJ used to?

  2. Madi says:

    This is off topic. Is it possible to have zip up hoodies for your Teespring store?

    • Indy says:

      Hi Madi! This is another thing I will look into. I don’t see why not! Do you have a specific game or design from our store you’d like to see on a zip-up hoodie? -Indy

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