Weekend Puzzle 372 Hint/ Solution and first entries of Cosplay Contest!

Hi all!

Wow! I had no idea Weekend Puzzle #372 was one worthy of Master Sleuth level! We had many fans asking to phone a friend so we reached out to the original Clue Crew- Bess and George.



Still can’t get it? [“New intern coming soon.”]  Now you know why I said the answer is the reason I am so excited! If you solved it without the spoiler, what did you think of this style of puzzle? Do you think they are fun now that you know how to solve them? Or is this a style you will need Bess and George on speed dial for every time? What is your favorite style of puzzle for the weekend puzzles?


Monday during our team weekly meeting we got a chance to look over some of the Cosplay Contest entries so far! You all are outdoing yourselves year after year!


Chantel did this awesome “gender-bender” of Sonny Joon! The Koko Kringle, doodles, and puzzle from Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion are some amazing touches of detail that make this cosplay come to life! Chantel entered Best Costume and the Special Effects Category!

Fedoragirl and her friend channeled some vibes from Haunted Carousel and also entered Category 2, Best Costume.

Liz C. once again brought her A-game to another one of our contests. They made the FUNNIEST video recreating everyone’s favorite Shorty moments. It is such a fun example of something you can submit to category 3, Creative Video.

All three of these entries are from this year’s Nancy Drew Cosplay Contest and were posted on Instagram. Use the hashtag #NancyDrewCosplay to find these and other entries! If you plan on entering yourself, don’t forget to let us know what category you are submitting under!



4 responses to “Weekend Puzzle 372 Hint/ Solution and first entries of Cosplay Contest!”

  1. SleuthingSavvy says:

    Hello! I have a quick question about the contest. We would love to enter a video! Is it okay if we use a clip/music from one of your games as context?

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