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Hello sleuths! Below are the approved avatars you may choose from and use in the HeR Interactive Message Boards. They are organized by game title or theme.

Rules: Please choose and use from any of the avatars on this page. If you are found to be using an avatar from outside of this list, the team will remove your image. The Moderators have a short list from selected avatars that extend to their use only, as they say “moderator” on the avatar.


  1. Scroll through this page and find an image you want to use.
  2. Click on your selected image, which will take you to a new window or tab.
  3. Copy the link (URL) in your address bar.
  4. Head over to to access the message boards.
  5. Login with your username and password.
  6. In the upper-right of the screen will be your username and a drop-down arrow, click it.
  7. Choose “My Profile.”
  8. On the left of your screen is where you can change your avatar.
  9. Click the “Edit Avatar” button.
  10. There are three options to choose from, but you will want to select the one that says “Copy and paste an image URL from a hosting site.”
  11. Paste (right-mouse click “Paste” or Ctrl+V) your link into the bar and click “Continue.”
  12. Drag the selected portion of the image or one of its edges, to move or resize it and set how you want your avatar to appear. (Stretch the highlighted space to include the full image.)
  13. Click “Save.”


#1 (SCKR) Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED

SCKR Manatee SCKR Soda Cool SCKR Jukebox SCKR Key of Ideas SCKR Daryl Gray SCKR Connie Watson SCKR Hal Tanaka SCKR Uncle Steve SCKR Hector "Hulk" Sanchez SCKR Cover Art

#2 (STfD) Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger

STfD Cover Art STfD Rick Arlen STfD Ralf Gaurdino STfD Mattie Jensen STfD Millie Strathorn STfD Lillian Weiss STfD Dwayne Powers STfD Typewriter STfD WWB Sign STfD Clapboard

#3 (MHM) Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion

MHM Missing Eye Phoenix MHM Golden Gardenia MHM Spider Broach MHM Mirror Ghost MHM Attic Key MHM Lizzie Applegate MHM Louis Chandler MHM Rose Green MHM Abby Sideris MHM Charlie Murphy MHM Cover Art

#4 (TRT) Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower

TRT Cover Art TRT Stained Glass Window TRT Snow Medallion TRT Dexter Egan TRT Prof. Hotchkiss TRT Lisa Ostrum TRT Jacques Brunais TRT Marie Antoinette TRT Blue Medallion TRT Red Medallion TRT Green Medallion

#5 (FIN) Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

FIN Lobby Popcorn FIN Brady Graffiti FIN Brady Chicken FIN Monty FIN Simone Mueller FIN Nick Falcone FIN Maya Nguyen FIN Brady Armstrong FIN Joseph Hughes FIN Cover Art

#6 (SSH) Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand

SSH Cover Art SSH Alejandro Del Rio SSH Joanna Riggs SSH Henrik Van der Hune SSH Taylor Sinclair SSH Museum Temple SSH Mayan Glyph SSH Monolith

#7 (DOG) Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

DOG Jr. Park Ranger Pin DOG Attack DOG Cute Doggo DOG Red Knott DOG Emily Griffen DOG Jeff Akers DOG Moon Lake DOG Cover Art

#8 (CAR) Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel

CAR Miles CAR Joy Trent CAR Ingrid Corey CAR Harlan Bishop CAR Elliot Chen CAR Horse Head CAR Cover Art CAR Card Reader CAR Fundae Sundae CAR Fun Pass CAR Moon Glow CAR Starlight CAR Tidal Terror CAR The Whale is Waiting

#9 (DDI) Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island

DDI Whale Keychain DDI Whale World DDI Orca DDI Hack Meister DDI Horse Shirt DDI Katie's Logo DDI Lighthouse DDI Kayak DDI Cover Art DDI Andy Jason DDI Holt Scotto DDI Jenna Deblin DDI Katie Firestone

#10 (SHA) Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch

SHA Cover Art SHA Cover Ghost SHA Ace SHA Bob SHA Clyde SHA Dave Gregory SHA Mary Yazzie SHA Shorty Thurmond SHA Tex Britton SHA Cake SHA Crazy Chicken SHA Ghost Town SHA Ghost Horse SHA Francis Humber SHA Tulip

#11 (CUR) Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

CUR Werewolf CUR Puzzle Box CUR Purple Ghost CUR Angel Door CUR Card Game CUR Blackmoor Gate CUR Green Ghost CUR Guinea Pig CUR Grenny CUR Gargoyle CUR Grenny's Gator CUR Nigel Mookerjee CUR Mrs. Drake CUR Loulou CUR Ethel Bosinny CUR Jane Penvellyn CUR Cover Art

#12 (CLK) Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock

CLK Cover Art CLK Emily Crandall CLK Jim Archer CLK Richard Topham CLK Jane Willoughby CLK Nancy's Roadster CLK Prize Horse CLK Mini Golf Crab CLK Lilac Inn CLK Pies CLK Uri the Cat

#13 (TRN) Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

TRN Camptown Horse TRN Cover Art TRN Cover Art Hardy Boys TRN Charleena Purcell TRN Fatima TRN Frank Hardy TRN Joe Hardy TRN Tino Balducci TRN John Grey TRN Lori Girard TRN Ursula Doll TRN Jake Hurley Ambigram TRN Copper Gorge Miner TRN Dancing Shoes

#14 (DAN) Nancy Drew: Danger by Design

DAN Cockroach DAN Prudence Fashion DAN Frog Legs DAN Parfait DAN Minette's House of Design DAN Creme de Glace DAN Minette DAN Jing Jing Ling DAN Heather McKay DAN Jean Mi DAN Dieter DAN Moulin DAN Cover Dress DAN Cover Art

#15 (CRE) Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave

CRE Cover Art CRE Cover Hardys CRE Volcano CRE Dr. Quigley Kim CRE Pua Mapu CRE Dr. Malachi Craven CRE Big Island Mike CRE Joe Hardy CRE Frank Hardy CRE Coconut Monkey CRE Big Island Buck CRE Hili Hili Logo CRE Flower CRE Lava Tiki CRE Shave Ice CRE Wiki Tiki Green CRE Wiki Tiki Red CRE Surf Hut CRE Wiki Tiki Blue

#16 (ICE) Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

ICE Wolf Token ICE Toasty Pack ICE Fox and Geese ICE Penguin ICE Yanni Volkstaia ICE Ollie Randall ICE Lou Talbot ICE Isis the Wolf ICE Guadalupe Comillo ICE Bill Kessler ICE Cover Art ICE Cover Lodge

#17 (CRY) Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull

CRY Creepy Doll CRY Cover Art CRY Dr. Gilbert Bueford CRY Dr. Gilbert Concept CRY Henry Bolet Jr. CRY Henry Bolet Jr. Concept CRY Jolly Roger Concept CRY Jolly Roger CRY Lamont Warwick CRY Iggy CRY Lamont Concept CRY Renee Armand CRY Renee Concept CRY Balcony CRY Gumbo CRY Granny's Cajun Cooking CRY Gargoyle Vulture CRY Glass Eye CRY Mausoleum CRY Timmy the Doll CRY Crystal Skull CRY Zeke's Curio Shop

#18 (VEN) Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

VEN Sapphire VEN Pigeon VEN Dance Yellow VEN Dance Teal VEN Dance Red VEN Dance Orange VEN Dance Green VEN Dance Purple VEN Chocolates VEN Dance Blue VEN Helena Burg VEN Fango VEN Enrico Tazza VEN Colin VEN Cover Phantom VEN Cover Locket VEN Gondola VEN Cover Art

#19 (HAU) Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy

HAU Cover Castle HAU Cover Art HAU Cover Crow HAU Matt Simmons HAU Kit HAU Kyler Mallory HAU Donal Delaney HAU Bailor Wolfhound HAU Bouquet HAU Key HAU Sheep HAU Root Beer HAU Moon HAU Crow Icon HAU Fairy Drink HAU Rabbit Doll HAU Difference Detective

#20 (RAN) Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships

RAN Sonny Head RAN Shark Diving RAN Beach RAN Resort RAN Medallion RAN Sonny Journal RAN Astrolobe RAN Ship Icon RAN Monkey RAN Coucou RAN Bess RAN George RAN Treasure Chest RAN Shark RAN Diver RAN Cover Art

#21 (WAC) Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy

WAC Emblem WAC Black Cat WAC Cover Art WAC Megan WAC Mel Corbalis WAC Rachel Hubbard WAC Leela Yadav WAC Izzy Romero WAC Corine Myers WAC Casper WAC Ramsey Hall WAC Crow Token WAC Mel's Scarab WAC Warning WAC Icon WAC Black Cat Book

#22 (TOT) Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister

TOT Udder Pops TOT Yellow Rider TOT Raging Infernos TOT Pa penny TOT Moon Chunk TOT Lickie Loo TOT Icon TOT Koffee Kandy TOT Cudsmackers TOT Cow-A-Mel TOT Cowabubble TOT Blue Rider TOT Auntie's Acorns TOT Scott Varnell TOT Frosty Harlow TOT Debbie Kircum TOT Pa TOT Chase Relerford TOT Truck TOT Cover Art TOT Farm TOT Twister

#23 (SAW) Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge

SAW Cover Art SAW Rentaro SAW Yumi SAW Takai SAW Miwako SAW Suki SAW Bento SAW Bento Bunny SAW Bento Cat SAW Bento Sign SAW Comic SAW Avatar Rainbow SAW Avatar HeR Tshirt SAW Garden SAW Icon SAW Whale Charm SAW Pachinko Card

#24 (CAP) Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

CAP Robber CAP RS Goldthumb CAP Raid CAP Sparrow CAP Mug CAP Monster Token CAP Wolf CAP Hunter CAP Fairy CAP Icon CAP Cow Token CAP Tshirt CAP Mirror CAP Black Forrest Cake CAP Bunny CAP Bobblehead CAP Renate Stoller CAP Lukas Mittlemeier CAP Creature CAP Karl Weschler CAP Cover Medallion CAP Cover Girl CAP Cover Art CAP Cover Castle

#25 (ASH) Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

ASH Cover Art ASH Alexei Markovic ASH Bess Marvin ASH Bess Avatar ASH Chief McGinnis ASH Deirdre Shannon ASH George Fayne ASH George Avatar ASH Brenda Carlton ASH Ned Avatar ASH Toni Scallari ASH Soda Shake ASH Ice Cream Cowabubble ASH Chocolate Shake ASH Icon ASH Ice Cream Mint ASH Ice Cream Peachy Keen ASH River Heights Logo ASH RHPD ASH Ice Cream Strawberry ASH Vanilla Shake ASH Strawberry Breeze ASH Ice Cream Vanilla

#26 (TMB) Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen

TMB Scarab TMB Cat TMB Icon TMB Jamilla El Dine TMB Lilly Crewe TMB Jon Boyle TMB Hotckiss Avatar TMB Dillon Avatar TMB Dillon Carter TMB Entrance TMB Cobra TMB Cover Art

#27 (DED) Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device

DED Cover Art DED Ryan Kilpatrick DED Mason Quinto DED Red Gummy Bear DED Gummy Bears DED Icon DED Robot Cat DED Koko Mallos DED Stress Sign DED Lamp DED Wardenclyffe Tower

#28 (GTH) Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall

GTH Mask GTH Portrait GTH Dead Rose GTH EMF Recorder GTH Jessalyn Concept GTH Harper Thornton GTH Wade Thornton GTH Savannah Avatar GTH Icon GTH Cover Art

#29 (SPY) Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

SPY Dragon Charm SPY Radar SPY Revenant SPY Cookie SPY Cathedral SPY Bug SPY Moira Chisholm SPY Kate Drew Concept SPY Ewan MacLeod SPY Kate Drew Memory SPY Bridget Shaw SPY Alec Fell SPY Cover Zipline SPY Cover Art

#30 (MED) Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion

MED Cover Art MED George Bridge MED Bess Marvin MED George Fayne MED Leena Patel MED Sonny Joon MED Patrick Dowsett MED Kiri Nind MED Sonny Joon Concept MED Medallion Icon MED Pacific Run

#31 (LIE) Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies

LIE Three Judges LIE Persephone Poster LIE Cerberus Head LIE Charon LIE Icon LIE Xenia LIE Thanos LIE Niobe LIE Melina LIE Grigor LIE The Hardy Boys LIE Cover Statue LIE Cover Cerberus LIE Cover Art

#32 (SEA) Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness

SEA Artwork SEA Viking Doll SEA Skipbrot Puffin SEA Skipbrot SEA Ship Sails SEA Coat of Arms SEA Icon SEA Iceland Flag SEA Tumi SEA Soren SEA Magnus SEA Gunnar SEA Elisabet SEA Dagny SEA Magnus and Elisabet SEA Alex SEA Cover Art

#33 (MID) Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem

  • (None available at this time.)

#1 (LCC) Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!

LCC Noir LCC Camera LCC Cover Art LCC Arthur LCC Eda Brookes LCC Molly McKenna LCC Jorge LCC Pharaoh Poster LCC ScarabLCC Magnifying Glass

#2 (RED) Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger!

RED Facial RED Locked Door RED Lobby RED Cover Art RED Cassidy RED Helfden RED Mr. Mingles RED Jasmine RED Joanna RED Mrs. Montague RED Nick

(CNC) Nancy Drew Codes & Clues

  • (None available at this time.)

The Cody Capers

Cody: Lenny the Gnome  Cody Capers Cody Doghouse

The Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks

Treasure on the Tracks: Samantha Quick Treasure on the Tracks: Frank Hardy Treasure on the Tracks: Joe Hardy

General Nancy Drew and HeR Interactive

HeR Woogle on Chair HeR Woogle Woggle HeR Tapping Heels Classic HeR Tapping Heels HeR Tolling Bell HeR Hidden Staircase HeR Cameo Scarlet Slipper HeR Old Clock Classic HeR Old Clock HeR Old Attic HeR Cameo Showboat HeR Old Album Classic HeR Moss Mansion Classic HeR Old Attic Classic HeR Blackwood Hall Classic HeR Blackwood Hall HeR Leaning Chimney HeR Line Art Spider Sapphire Little Jackalope HeR Classic Silhouette HeR Koko Kow HeR Double Koko Kringles HeR Ornament HeR Book Menu Nancys HeR Dare to Play Animated HeR Amateur SleuthHeR Master Sleuth



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