Message Board Avatars – Moderators

Below are the additional avatars available to Admin, Moderators, and Super Moderators to use!


  1. Scroll through this page and find an image you want to use.
  2. Click on your selected image, which will take you to a new window or tab.
  3. Copy the link (URL) in your address bar.
  4. Head over to to access the message boards.
  5. Login with your username and password.
  6. In the upper-right of the screen will be your username and a drop-down arrow, click it.
  7. Choose “My Profile.”
  8. On the left of your screen is where you can change your avatar.
  9. Click the “Edit Avatar” button.
  10. There are three options to choose from, but you will want to select the one that says “Copy and paste an image URL from a hosting site.”
  11. Paste (right-mouse click “Paste” or Ctrl+V) your link into the bar and click “Continue.”
  12. Drag the selected portion of the image or one of its edges, to move or resize it and set how you want your avatar to appear. (Stretch the highlighted space to include the full image.)
  13. Click “Save.”

General Bonus Avatar

Silhouette Magnified



Super Moderators


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2 responses to “Message Board Avatars – Moderators”

  1. Juli Jer (hedgie) says:

    There is no “Edit Avatar” button under My Profile. Does this need to be enabled on the forums?

    • Calina "Little Jackalope" says:

      Thanks for the alert Juli! I think I fixed them, can you test for me to see if you can have an Avatar now?

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