Valentine’s Day Card Contest 2020!

Today we start the Nancy Drew Valentine’s Day Card Contest! Learn more here! I made a fun video/graphic design to announce it.

Yesterday, Dynamite Comics announced the premise of the next Nancy Drew comics: Nancy’s DEAD! The Hardy Boys are on the case this time. Although I read on an article that she isn’t REALLY dead, but it part of a bigger plot. (Can’t remember which article that was, unfortunately.) Still, as a fan of Nancy myself, I don’t think that’s the best way to celebrate Nancy Drew’s 90th anniversary this year. What are your thoughts? Have you read the new Nancy Drew comics?

Also, check out this new fan-created Lego set! JediPippin has created this design featuring Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor, and in order for Lego to official review it for potentially making this set available for purchase, he needs 10,000 supporters voting for it. Visit the site and vote for it here!


As for the weekend puzzle last week, it was Morse code. Translated, it reads “What game shall I play on Twitch for Valentine’s Day?”

-Little Jackalope

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23 responses to “Valentine’s Day Card Contest 2020!”

  1. Emerald says:

    Hi LJ,

    I noticed you didn’t reveal the answer to last week’s weekend puzzle. What was the answer?

  2. budford says:

    Roses are red, Violets are blue. Ned may have Nancy, But I have you. Happy Valentines day #ILoveNancyDrew

  3. Huw Miller says:

    Hey LJ! I was playing Secrets Can Kill Remastered today and noticed that the book on the table by the ‘Under My Seat’ puzzle in the library has the cover art for The Vampire Diaries game you guys made in 1996 on it. I was just curious if you had any info on that art file that was used or if you have it available at all? Thanks!

  4. Jennifer Warpool says:

    Will there be a Twitch stream on Valentine’s Day?

  5. Ettienne says:

    I think it would make Nancy’s 90th if HeR announced and released a Stay Tuned for Danger Remastered!!! Well, here’s to hoping.

    Actually, the comic looks interesting….glad she’s not actually dead, or course.

  6. Guest says:

    Regarding MID – do you know if those in charge of production will be looking into the customer reviews of the game? It would be most likely be beneficial to the future of HER to read ALL reviews (positive and negative both) and really put forth an effort in putting out a product that is in demand. Otherwise, I don’t see very many being willing to put much more into HER financially.

    Your CEO stepped into the leadership of a wonderful company, one would hope she realizes the opportunity she allowed to pass by. While we are not entirely aware of the company’s financial status, we are aware of what we were willing to buy and what contributed to the company being a success. And now, we are aware of how deeply she is successfully driving it all into the ground.

    Rather sad. Most definitely the end of an era.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Dk. All comments, emails and reviews on Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem are reviewed by our team through our web site, social media accounts, and on other store pages like Steam. We do our best to respond to all of them so that the commenters or reviewers know that we read them. We pass along and share the information to our leaders and team members. As for the business and finances, we do not publicly share those details. We do appreciate honest feedback, especially what player do and do not like specifically so that we know where to improve in our future games. Since this is not the end or an era, I can say that we are working on the next game.

  7. Hi LJ, I was wondering so I’ll know what to expect on the twitch stream, is Jai still at Herinteractive? I didn’t see her in the Johnny Cake Recipe video.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jillian! Cece and Tess worked on that video together this time. 🙂 We’re still working on getting the Twitch party set up, so stay tuned!

  8. mdetective12 says:

    Any news on the avatars for the message boards? I miss the private eye detective (also known as Samantha Quick from the Hardy Boys Treasure in the Tracks for the DS if I remember correctly) and I loved seeing other users’ avatars! =D

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello mdetecive12! Thanks for asking, I started investigation again on the matter, and it seems they were moved someplace out of my reach during the last message board upgrade. I’m working to get them back!

  9. felicity18 says:

    Hey LJ!

    I finished playing Midnight in Salem and loved it! I was wondering about something though. Why wasn’t there a teaser for the next game at the end of MID?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello felicity18! Glad to hear you enjoyed Midnight in Salem! The leads didn’t add a teaser to the end of the game per tradition since we are secretly working on the next one, and haven’t put together footage to share or tease on it yet. Stay tuned for future updates!

  10. spook says:

    I hope MID is selling well so you guys can hire people who have more experience in unity for #34. I enjoyed the game but the graphics are really bad. Some areas look unfinished or just bland in general. This game is 2005 at its finest 🙁

  11. Madi says:

    So, pretty random but I just finished playing the Nancy Drew Dossier games and (though they are not as fun as the other ND games) I was wondering what happened to Ship of Shadows? And I was also wondering if Her is planning any more of that type of game or if you guys are just concentrating on the main ND games. Thanks,

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Madi! Ship of Shadows was shelved, meaning we stopped working on it. At this time, we are only focusing on the main mystery adventure line.

      • Madi says:

        Okay thanks, that’s kind of what I figured especially since it has kind of been all about MID the past couple of years and probably game number 34.

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