MED Twitch Ending + Pa from Twister!

Tonight we complete our adventure playing Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion LIVE on Twitch! Join the party here for free!

Nancy Drew mystery adventure games twitch party

Don’t forget to post to Facebook or Twitter a selfie of yourself watching a re-run of The Shattered Medallion for a chance to win a MED PopSocket tonight! Entries need to be posted by 3pm PT to Facebook or Twitter (or email us at if you do not have an account for either). You do not have to be present in tonight’s show to win. Winner will be selected at random. You can see the past Twitch shows on our YouTube playlist here.

Don’t have the game, Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion? You can get the game on sale for 30% off until end of day this Sunday. Shop here!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Medallion sale


Did you know that there is a Nancy Drew convention that has been happening every year since the early 2000s? President of the Nancy Drew fan club, Jennifer Fisher runs it (she’s super awesome and nice, too!). Start planning and brush up on your classic Nancy Drew book reading! Learn more on the ndsleuths’ web site here!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Convention

-Little Jackalope

13 responses to “MED Twitch Ending + Pa from Twister!”

  1. Lola says:

    hi will you be releasing any info or reveals soon?? about nd mid

  2. Wow! The guy who played Pa from Trail Of The Twister looks so young can’t wait to listen
    to it on Youtube, I have that game, I actually got it the same year it came out,
    that one and I got Shadow At The Water’s Edge
    from Mr. Santa Claus for Christmas!!! I got “The Shattered Medallion” from my aunt & uncle for my 23rd birthday this year along with “Ghost Of Thornton Hall:!

  3. Hey, do you think it would be possible if you could track down the woman who played the voice of Kyler Mallory from Castle Malloy?
    I think she is so pretty! I love “The Haunting Of Castle Malloy”, I love them all!
    I would love to hear from her on ND “Unlocked!”

  4. Sakura says:

    Hi LJ! I just listened to the new podcast with Brian S. Lewis and it was another great interview! I hope for more in the future 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next stream, they’re so much fun!
    Also, do you know when Her will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary?

  5. No Problem! Always glad to support the company that makes my MOST FAVORITE COMPUTER GAMES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! I”ll be getting my own laptop sometime in August so
    I plan on joining the Twitch Parties very soon!

  6. I noticed on the blog that you send the fans happy birthday wishes, my birthday is on January 9th, don’t forget to put that on the calendar, I’ll be 24 years old!

  7. I like Heather Mckay ,too! I think she comes up with great BIG ideas just like me! And Leela Yadav as well because she competes in sports too!

  8. Have you ever thought about making ND drinking glasses, like the big pint glasses for the Herinteractive merchandise?

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