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Hey all! A great article / blog post was shared with us and I wanted to highlight it because it made my day:

My favorite part is Tess and I being likened to Shawn and Gus from the TV show “Psych” – which is my favorite show. I also liked how they shared all great stuff, including Arglefumph and Day9’s greatest Nancy Drew reaction clip of all time (fair warning – the video contains swearing).


Also, if I don’t get around to writing a blog post myself for tomorrow, just a heads-up: I will be out of the office the next two weeks on vacation. See you later!

-Little Jackalope

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2 responses to “Gallantly, Gal – a Fan”

  1. OH MY GOD this made my day!!! Aw thank you for featuring me on your blog 😀
    I’m glad you liked the post, and have a great vacation!

  2. Dragonwriter99 says:

    I have to say, that clip of those guys was hysterical! Gave me a good chuckle on a Friday morning! Thanks, LJ and Gallantly, gal!

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