Back to School Sale Ending! (Weekend Puzzle #353)

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Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Back to School Sale

Here’s your weekend puzzle!


-Little Jackalope

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10 responses to “Back to School Sale Ending! (Weekend Puzzle #353)”

  1. Sarah says:

    Thinking about Halloween already! 😀

  2. Joey says:

    “Thinking about Halloween already!”
    Me too, LJ, me too.

  3. Ashley says:


    Thinking about Halloween already!

  4. anonymous says:

    LJ, do you guys ever offer tours of the Herinteractive studio for interested fans who are in your neck of the woods?

  5. Gnillet says:

    Sorry to bring this up . . .

    Is it safe to say that MID won’t be out this year?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Gnillet, I can’t say for sure when MID will be released. When I have news to share, I will post the release dates or tidbits on the MID page, as well as on the blog here.

      • Gnillet says:

        Ok, I was just wondering because you said “I hope” it will come out in 2018. To me, that means that 2017 is out of the picture . . .

        • Gnillet says:

          I mean, I know marketing has no say about MID, but why can’t there be just a straightforward “No it won’t be out this year.” It’s bad to give people false hope. Some people still think it might be out this year. It’s a Halloween game and some people start to get excited when it’s Halloween.

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