Sunny Yoon and Throw Back Thursday

Last night I was goofing around online while watching tv and I found this picture that a fan had taken while they were visiting Salem Massachusetts. I found it so fitting that I had to share it with you today!Sunny Yoon

What do you guys think? Has Sonny Joon created a not so secret identity and moved to Salem? He does always seen to end up places right before Nancy…

Today is a Throw Back Thursday kind of day! Who all remembers playing skeeball in Nancy Drew: The Legend of the Crystal Skull? If you haven’t played this game before, then now is your lucky day! We have a TBT sale on Nancy Drew: The Legend of the Crystal Skull using promo code CRY50 today only! Get the game here.



Other than that the office has been super busy this week. Little Jackalope and other members of the office have been helping me make more videos in my vlog series. I finished one video in particular that I think many of you will enjoy! But alas, you will all just have to wait and see for yourself soon.

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5 responses to “Sunny Yoon and Throw Back Thursday”

  1. Kit says:

    I played that skeeball game for, like, 2 hours before beating it. Worth it.

  2. Megan says:

    Its funny how HER continues to post little tidbits hinting towards Midnight in Salem yet doesn’t give any updates whatsoever as to when it will be released, when we can expect to hear any updates, or what is even going on in the game production. Its like hanging a carrot in front of a bunny’s nose then yanking it away when it gets too close. It has almost been a year since we have heard any updates from Midnight in Salem (the August newsletter) and I think it is safe to say fans are getting antsy about the future of these games that most of us have grown up with. HER being so tight lipped about this all doesn’t make me feel any better, and I hope you guys can get things sorted out.

    • Michaela says:

      It’s coming out in fall, chill down! They have a lot on their plate, and a lot of people have been bugging them about it. Excellence is better than speed. It will come out, it just takes time. This is probably going to be one of the best games, because they’ve spent so much time on it and so much hard work has gone into it.

  3. Vanillaglow says:

    I was replaying Captive Curse a while back and came across Sonny Joon’s resume in a background check. In it he apparently was a tour guide in Salem. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a screen shot of it:( however that was still pretty cool to come across. 😀

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