Olivia the Game Designer

Today was the President’s sixth annual Science Fair at The White House. One of the students that got to go was National STEM Video Game Challenge winner Olivia Thomas!



Olivia was inspired by the Nancy Drew games and her love for story-heavy educational games of logic and problem-solving. Her work on her game “Colorless” won her recognition and was honored to go to the White House with her project. The live stream happened this morning, and you can check it out here.


The Joan Ganz Cooney Center writes about “Colorless” in this article about Olivia here.

“The game begins with a simple landscape with floating islands and a few blue blocks scattered around. Olivia assigned different functions to different colored blocks, and eventually removed the colors so players would have to figure out the blocks’ functions using some other indicator that they should have observed previously.”


Here’s some Twitter tweets featuring Olivia and her booth today:

Olivia_Colorless3 Olivia_Colorless2

Well done, Olivia! We’re so proud of you for trying new things, programming and designing games, and being innovative and brave as Nancy Drew! Congrats again!

-Little Jackalope and the Her Interactive Team

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