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Happy Valentine’s Day 2016!

Hey all! Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! We are celebrating with a sale on The Secret of Shadow Ranch. (Shop here.) Also, you have until end of day Sunday to submit your Valentine’s Day Cards! Learn more here. Head’s up! If you were among the first 500 orders starting Feb. 1st, your KoKo Kringle is on […]

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Throwback Pies

Today’s Throwback Thursday sale is on Secret of the Old Clock! Remember sorting pies in the pie truck for the deliveries? I couldn’t decide which pie I wanted to eat the most: chocolate creme, blueberry, or cherry. Yum. Perhaps making a pie for Valentine’s Day is a better option than the Shadow Ranch cake I […]

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Trespassing…in Dangerous Places

What helps to make Nancy Drew games fun is being able to do things you otherwise couldn’t in real life. Or shall I say, “shouldn’t.” In real life, I don’t suggest trespassing on private property, or in places you shouldn’t. But in a Nancy Drew game like The Secret of Shadow Ranch, DO IT. Because […]

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Valentines and Voting

There have been some great entries for the Nancy Drew Moment contest and the Valentine’s Day Card contest! I’m sharing a few new additions from this weekend: Also, do you remember the answer to this Trivia Tuesday question? -Little Jackalope

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Completing Shadow Ranch

Well, sadly the party’s over on Twitch. At least for this week! We posted all three days of our playing The Secret of Shadow Ranch up onto YouTube for everyone to watch and re-watch. It was such fun! Here’s the third and final day: You all were great fun to communicate with and host for, […]

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Grand Finale of Shadow Ranch! (And Weekend Puzzle #297)

Hey all! Tonight we finish our Twitch party with the end of The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Hope you can join us in a few minutes! We began uploading our past Twitch video to YouTube in a new “Twitch Parties” playlist. Here’s the first one below (note: YouTube is currently updating this to trim out […]

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Twitch Party! Day Two

Last night we finished day one at Shadow Ranch and spotted the phantom horse. Tonight we set out to accomplish day two. We go live in less than an hour! Head over to watch (and participate!) on our Twitch Channel here. Also, today’s throwback Thursday is from Warnings at Waverly Academy. (You can get this […]

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Twitch Party! Day One

Tonight’s the night! In just a short while I’ll be going live on our Twitch Channel here with The Secret of Shadow Ranch! I’m excited! It’s been a while since I’ve played this game, but I’ve played it many times since it was first released. This will also be the first time I get to […]

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Mystery in a Mystery Book

This fun article came out recently about finding treasures inside old Nancy Drew books. Check it out here! What sort of bookmarks do you use when reading books? I’m guilty of using receipts, scraps of paper, library cards, movie theater ticket stubs and sticky notes. 😛 Also, there are still a TON of KoKo Kringle […]

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KoKo Kringle Night!

Tonight’s the night! Starting at 5:00pm PT, the first 500 orders (including international visitors) of a Nancy Drew game (physical or digital) will receive a KoKo Kringle! The KoKo Kringles will be sent from our office separately from the game (if you purchase physical). You can be ready early by logging into your account. 😉 […]

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