Throwbacks and Fan Memes

An article on BuzzFeed wrote about some Nancy Drew fan memes. Check it out here! What do you think? Do any of these ring true with you?


Also, it’s Throwback Thursday!


Do you remember listening to Creepy’s Corner on the record player in Secret of the Old Clock? (You can get this game for 50% off today only when using promo code at checkout.) It’s a classic Nancy Drew game — because it’s the only one that takes place in Nancy’s original era of 1930.

-Little Jackalope

2 responses to “Throwbacks and Fan Memes”

  1. Trey says:

    There was no reason to link to an article with excessive swearing. Lots of the memes in that article are very offensive to a lot of people including me. I realize that it is exciting when your company is being advertised on a big name website, but when posting it here you could at least have added a warning to be considerate to people who would rather not read that.

  2. Kyokai says:

    That article is definitely not for kids, but I did enjoy the meme with Tex; it was probably the only one that made me laugh. It shows Tex and then says “To quote Hamlet act 3 line 3 ‘No’.” Some of them made me smile though 🙂

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