Summer S’more Fan Photos

Hey all! I was out sick yesterday, but am much better and ready to rock today. I wanted to share some awesome fan photos we have received lately:

Here are Hadley’s doodles (which include a sketch of me!):


And this picture is from Larry B. who thought this car looks like one that Nancy would drive. I love it! I wish I had that car! XD


And if you count me as a fan, here’s a new image I’m sharing with you. We know a lot of you have played many (if not all) Nancy Drew games and have fond memories of these first encounters, like getting to see the phantom horse for the first time in The Secret of Shadow Ranch!


Guess what!? Tomorrow’s Friday! That means Dahlia will be sharing another video! Stay tuned!

-Little Jackalope

4 responses to “Summer S’more Fan Photos”

  1. SpyGirl says:

    Glad you feel better, LJ!
    Everything on this page is cool. And that car… VERY ND. Besides being a huge Nancy Drew fan, I love seeing Retro cars…they are so beautiful.

  2. Allison says:

    The car reminds me of the one from one of the Hardy Boys games. (Not sure if HeR was affiliated with that particular game, though, so I apologize if that sounds awkward.) It does seem very Nancy. Just make sure to avoid potholes and always keep your gas tank full! 😀

  3. Hadley says:

    Omigosh thanks so much for posting!!!!!!!

  4. Firestone2430 says:


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