Secret Projects & Monday News

We have a large project we are working on today and tomorrow. I hope I get to share it with you in the next post! We need to make sure there are no further edits to it first…

Speaking of secret projects, I put a new image up on the merchandise store, but it is for only one specific item and size… for now, at least. I wonder if any of you would be curious enough to find it…?

Anyways, tomorrow we have the Twitter party! Will you be on Twitter then?


I hope you all had a fantastic Easter! I nearly forgot about the game I was to play over the weekend for the Nancy Drew marathon. Did anyone else play Danger by Design? I’ve got to finish it again soon, because The Captive Curse is next on my list!

As for the weekend puzzle, I obviously missed putting in one last name third from the bottom, which would have given you an “A”. Here’s the first step to solving the puzzle: The letters are [anagrams for character names. Unscramble the first set and second set (the first and last name)]. The finished list:

  • [Charlie Murphy (from MHM)
  • Guadalupe Comillo (From ICE)
  • Enrico Tazza (from VEN)
  • Mary Yazzi (from SHA)
  • Scott Varnell (from TOT)
  • John Grey (from TRN)
  • Jane Penvellyn (from CUR)
  • Jeff Akers (from DOG
  • Renate Stoller (from CAP)
  • Holt Scotto (from DDI)
  • Izzy Romero (from WAC)]

Once you have figured this out, you then [count how many letters from left to right, according to the number listed next to the name.] Your final answer (with my missing “A”) is [Puzzle Palace], a reference to The Shattered Medallion.

Lastly, we have a birthday!


~Little Jackalope~

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8 responses to “Secret Projects & Monday News”

  1. larry bloomfield says:

    I was wondering, will HER ever come out with a Nancy Drew app like they did with an ipad and kindkes for a nook. It is about the same. Thats just a thought.

  2. trailblazer says:

    Will HER come out with a nancy drew game for a nook like they did with kindle and a ipad? they are about the same.

  3. Jill says:

    If you register your game, do you have to be in WA?

  4. Emily in Wisconsin says:

    I love the new website design!! It seems much cleaner and refreshing if that makes sense. I doubt it, but will you be making Ghost of Thornton Hall for Nook devices. Like I said.doubt it but I’m just curious

    • Daniel in USA says:

      I have the same question about having an app on a nook. I recently got a nook and “Ghost of Thornton Hall” recently was put out for Kindles and iPads. I am wondering if HER would create an app for a nook as well. I know its older than a kindle and iPads but they are about the same. Anyway, thats a similar question i had.

  5. Abby says:

    YOU CHANGED EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, it’s kind of weird. Why did y’all change it? I like it, sure, but the other one was nice too. (sorry to rant!!)

  6. Hadley says:

    The new website is ok. I really think HER should do a remastered version of Haunted Mansion, that would be really awesome

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