A Beautiful Game

It seems to me as though a lot of fans find Ghost of Thornton Hall to be a beautiful game with an attractive story. Because of this, we have seen a lot more fan art come in or be posted on our social sites like Facebook or Twitter, even though no one outside of the office has played it! I must say that I agree with this game’s “beauty” so to speak. While I have played it (multiple times) I do find this game to have one of the most beautiful (if not THE most beautiful) story/art combination for a game ever.

Fan art: a lovely drawing presented on red silk and decorated with black lace and a dead rose. Perfect!

The “ghost” is very pretty in her old-fashioned gown and is intriguing with her lace mask and odd behavior and appearances. The music really helps carry the story and emotions behind it, and the mystery itself is a bit deep. Anyways, I’ll let you be the official judges of this game once you get your hands on it. 🙂

Another fan sent in a letter along with this burnt-edged poem from GTH, I love the script!

Also, another birthday! Yay!

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. I’ve noticed a lot of fan art for GTH:) I was instantly inspired as well, but with photography. I was so inspired I looked on eBay and found a necklace, gloves and mask that look just like Charlotte’s on the cover art!:D they’re on their way as I type:) I only hope I can capture whats in my mind.

  2. Hannah says:

    Aww those are beautiful works of art! What you say about the “true beauty” of GTH makes me even more anxious to get my hands on a copy! LOL

    That first picture kind of reminds me of The Phantom of the Opera!

  3. ND's #1 fan says:

    That’s SO cool! love the red silk, black lace, and dead rose idea! (^_^)
    And the burnt poem is really cool too! So exited for GTH!!! When May 14th comes, I am going to be at Best Buy ASAP! (lol)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey JL!
    I love that drawing! LOVE the rose!
    Anyway my birthday is next week on May 3rd and I was wondering if you could give me a shout out then? My name is Kristina and I’m turning 12! 🙂


  5. Virginia says:

    AHHH they got my letter and my poem thingy that my friend and I made ahhhhhhh

  6. I really think that GTH has a beautiful storyline too! You know it reminds me of that Disney movie with Eddie Murphey “The Haunted Mansion”. The woman dies in a masquerade ball with a lace mask, her ghost comes back to haunt the house and her killer and love and also to try and find her way back to heaven. I thought they both had really similar concepts :p

  7. Anonymous says:

    18 days 2 go!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oops! I almost forgot! I’m turning 12! 🙂 Thanks JL!!!!! <3


  9. Anonymous says:

    Those are so beautiful. I’d say alot of peolpe beat me in Nancy Drew fandom. I have to go finish installing a game now!

    From me,

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