A Bad Sleuthing Day?

How many cases would you suspect that Nancy has worked on caused her to have a rough day? Sure, some days she would follow a bad lead, get trapped, knocked out, lost, or even failed at gathering an important clue….but do these things ruin her day? To any normal person, I believe they would say “yes”. But not Nancy.

Nancy might have rough sleuthing days, but they never bring her down. She gets right back up from her setback and keeps sleuthing, following new leads, new ideas, re-visiting areas, talking things out with her dad or friends, Bess and George, until she makes things right.

In our games, we have something just like that. Second Chances. When you are feeling a little bit too gutsy, or a little bit too mischievous, you are likely to trip. Getting that second chance puts you back on your feet to try again. (Also saving your game to come back later is great!) Some days, we need to be like Nancy, and pick ourselves up.

This morning I found that someone had left a cute, framed photo of a jackalope! This was a nice start to my day:

Looks like several of you sleuths solved the weekend puzzle! Here’s the gist of it: the characters are all from the keyboard, typically on the numbers. Solution: [!( is 19, which in the alphabet it the letter S]. Find these letters (ignore the “–” which were meant to break up the sets) and you’ll get this: [Seven Pieces]. This refers to something inside The Deadly Device that you won’t need to remember until you play the game. 😉

~Little Jackalope~


4 responses to “A Bad Sleuthing Day?”

  1. 🙂 without Second Chances poor Nancy would have been gone loooooong ago.
    What a nice surprise! 🙂 do you know who did it?
    Ooo, I can’t wait till DED! Is it getting closer to being done?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you not do birthday shoutouts anymore? I asked yesterday and didn’t get one :/

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cute jackolope! But I would inspect the picture and check the frame for fingerprints. It might have to do with the egg mystery! Or somebody w just being nice!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds cool. Can’t wait for the new game. I liked your speech and the cute Jackalope picture.

    From me,

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