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Weekend Puzzle #148

First things first, I have a big birthday shout out to one of our awesome fans! Hope you have a great birthday Abigail!! Secondly, there are only 4 days left to get your pre-order copy of Tomb of the Lost Queen! After that, the Bonus Editions will go into extinction….never to be seen again, so […]

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Behind the Scenes: We Knit (part 2)

Today a group of us reassembled our knitting group. For being a beginner, I’d say my hat is coming along quite well…despite the three evident mistakes in it. >.< Check out what a fellow worker is creating a pair of: My hat doesn’t look nearly as cool as this giant sock. (It’s giant by my […]

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Giant Burgers

Today, some team members went out for our monthly burger outing, called “Code H.A.M.B.U.R.G.E.R.” This time we went to a little burger place where the burgers were big…according to me. I think a few of us felt like we ate enough for the next couple of days. Our tech guy, Larry, took a picture of […]

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Lilacs and Faces

Today a fellow team member brought in her lilacs, and shared them with everyone. Now the entire office smells like lilacs (very cool!), and I also understand what Nancy experienced in the book The Mystery at Lilac Inn. See the stowaway below? (Ladybug!)  Check this out! I was super excited to see the Tomb of […]

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I Spy With My Little Eyes…

… an answer to the weekend puzzle. Looks like a few clever sleuths solved the puzzle, despite the lack of one little dash in the third word. No worries, it wasn’t as important as the word itself was, that was just for a visual reference. Solution: First, identify the letters as the colors on the […]

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