Tomb of the Lost Queen Cover Art

The official box art for Tomb of the Lost Queen is now released! The marketing department and artists have been working hard these past few months to prepare for you this masterpiece. As seen below, we wanted to go for a spooky and beautiful combination. While the bright colors of the queen’s attire and makeup draws you to the detail and intricacy of her royal headdress and gazing eyes, the creepy transition to her right side portrays her mummified state. It’s almost as if her death calls out to you, beckoning you to learn more about her and her secrets that she has kept hidden for so long, protected by dangerous elements.

The scarab beetle that represented rebirth to the ancient Egyptians crawls along the edge of the coffin near the gold ankh, and the alert Egyptian cobra in the back slithers around the tomb, guarding the queen’s final resting place with determination.

Below the title lays the modern-day dig site and encampment. In the middle of the dessert the tomb entrance has been revealed, once buried in sand, now appears ominous and intriguing at the same time. What could be hiding behind the threshold of thousands of years’ history? Only the truly brave shall venture into the ground, into the past, and into the dangerous minds of clever royal Egyptians in Tomb of the Lost Queen.

Pre-orders begin April 3rd, 2012.

Official release date is May 8th, 2012.

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