Weekend Mystery Part 3 = “Donut Evidence”

“It’s a semaphore code, when you use flags to signal letters,” replied Nancy. “Although I’m not sure what to make of the answer…” George offered to take a look at Nancy’s decoding. “Bavarian Rosslyn?” she questioned. “Sounds like a funny character you missed seeing on your last trip, Nancy!” giggled Bess. “There could be several places in River Heights that are German-related or perhaps a Bavarian visitor named Rosslyn can be found somewhere,” suggested Ned. “You’re probably right,” replied Nancy. “Let’s split up and try to cover all of the German places we identify, or find someone by the name Rosslyn. Ned, go check out The Royal Hotel and find out if any foreigners have checked in the past few day. Bess, do the same at the train station. George, check out the other hotels: Waterfall and Riverview, they are right next to each other. I’m going to the Applesauce Dinner Theater; they hire all sorts of people with different acts to perform. Perhaps they will know of our character. Post to the wiki on our phones if you find anything.” The group separated and went different directions.

Nancy made her way across town to the theater. Despite the “closed” sign, she went into the building. At this time there were several actors rehearsing on stage. Not wanted to rudely interrupt, she gazed about the dining room until she spotted the janitor replacing the bulb in a wall sconce. “Excuse me,” she called. “Would you know if anyone by the name of Rosslyn worked here?” The janitor looked her way and replied “Well, none that I can recall, and I know just about everyone’s name who has worked here since 1992…wait, that name sounds familiar…hm..nope, can’t say that a Rosslyn was ever here. Sorry ma’am.”

Nancy exited the building. Suddenly, she noticed Bess just down the street coming out of a building with something in her hand. Nancy looked closer at the sign above the door. “That’s it!” she exclaimed and posted a note on the wiki for everyone to meet her. Nancy raced to Bess she caught site of Nancy and tried hiding what she held, but it was too late. “I’m sorry Nancy! I was down by the train station when I smelled these donuts from like, a mile away and I had to have one. I ran down here and boy, it was such a workout!” Nancy ignored her defense and said “I believe you found the place, Bess!” Bess looked bewildered and then cocked her head to look at the building sign which read “Rosslyn’s Bakery”.

The young detective rushed inside and quickly spotted a little A-framed table display with the picture of a Bavarian Cream donut. Stuck to the reverse side of the display was a sticky note with the following written on it:
“C _ _ _ K
_ U _
_ _ _ D _ _ C _
_ _
_ V _ _ Y _ H _ _ _” with the last three words underlined.
Nancy turned the note over to see several letters: TOEESRVETNIHEICENGEI. “What does it say, now, Nancy?” asked Bess.

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    Check out Evidence Is Everything (it’s underlined, so I’m guessing it’s a book?)!

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  7. G_detective says:

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  8. Good work detectives 😉 (And good observation about the underline!)

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