Testing Week = Puzzles!

This week is when we begin some focus group testing, when girls (and guys) come in to test some early puzzles and difficulty levels. This is important information for our designer and programmers. Once we know a puzzle is too hard, or if a common issue arises, we will then identify the problem based on the study, and then properly execute a plan to fix it.

We don’t want the games to be too hard, or have any problems, nor do we want them to be super easy that the game takes far less time to solve. I for one like to take my time and thoroughly think through a logic problem, because once it is solved, I feel quite accomplished, and I also learn something. What kind of problem solver are you? Do you like logic puzzles such as translating Mayan glyphs in Secret of the Scarlet Hand? Or perhaps the lucky trial-and-error type of puzzle such as the slot machine in Cappy’s in The Secret of Shadow Ranch? Maybe you prefer the simple, fun games like Land Rush from Trail of the Twister? However you like it, we try to incorporate different kinds of puzzles for diversity.

Speaking of puzzles, I’m letting you know early that this coming Weekend Mystery puzzle will be the last in the series, and therefore will be a contest! As a head’s up, you will want to study all 4 past weekend mysteries in addition to the upcoming one this Friday in order to properly enter with the correct contest answer (there will be a prize involved). Stay tuned for more info!

~Little Jackalope~

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3 responses to “Testing Week = Puzzles!”

  1. Turq8 says:

    I LOVED the puzzle in WAC when we had to use ‘clues’ or ‘rules’ to put together the Meet the Canidates web page for Rachel. Another logic type puzzle like that would be great!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think I’m more of a trial and error person.What was the answer to last weeks puzzle?I never did figure it out.

    From me,

  3. Allie-oop says:

    I like all three, but I don’t like it when it takes more than five or ten minutes to solve them. Hehehe.

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