Udder Pops

I’ve been reviewing some video footage, logos, and some art today, and I haven’t tired yet of listening to Nancy Drew music. I also have been browsing the message boards to read the reactions of the Alibi in Ashes cover art…always fun to hear people’s thoughts!

Take a look at this. A fan named Emily created this full wrapper of Udder Pops from Trail of the Twister! Pretty cool, right?Although Udder Pops wouldn’t be my first candy choice, it’s still a fun and unique candy and wrapper!

Twitter Quote contest is today, head over for a chance to win The White Wolf of Icicle Creek digital download. 🙂

~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “Udder Pops”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the nancy drew music, I wish they had the music 4 TOT. Sometimes I play ND games just to hear the music! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah! The Udder Pops wrapper looks sooooooooooo amazing! Props to Emily! I really should make Moon Chunk or some Blazing Infernoes… Lol. I <3 Nancy Drew!

    Thanks for everything you do, you awesomely amazing people at HeR! 😀


  3. random ND fan says:

    HeR IS amazing! the nancy drew series has been completely amazing! and i also love the music for games. sometimes for the older games i will let the credits run over and over again just so i can listen to the music! i especialy LOVE the music for shadow ranch! amazing job with everything HeR! 😛

  4. Why thanks random ND fan! Have you considered purchasing the music downloads? They are in the digital store under “soundtrack”. (I like listening to the music in the car, or as I work on things here).


  5. NancyDrew22 says:

    OMG udder pops would be so good!That would decently be my first choice,but my friends would be the chocolate acorns!

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