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There are several different video formats that you can create, edit, and view. On of the current struggles at a few of our desks here is getting the right file made. Some captured videos capture only one type of format, yet the video editing software can only import other kinds. When that happens, it’s time to bring in the middle man: a video converting program.

Getting all three programs to work with various video files is like trying to get Shorty, Tex, and Dave all around the same campfire and agree to have a good time at the cook-out despite the awful food and poor singing.

Yep, it’s a technical sort of day today. But in the end, we learn how the files work best in order to get the best possible output.

Back to file converting!
~Little Jackalope~

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5 responses to “File Formats”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of video files, I was trying to download some software this morning that would let me fish through them so I could find some more easter eggs! LJ, do you have any reccomendations for any software? I’d accually like to know if there are any easter eggs in SHA, so that’s part of it. Lol. 😀

    Thanks for doing what you do! HeR is what keeps me awake at night! Lol.

    ~R 🙂

  2. Random Nancy Drew Fan says:

    Hi again! I’ve been away camping for a couple of weeks in case you’re wondering. Anyway, you’ve talked about a lot while I was gone Little Jackalope! I don’t know where to start! ….Let me just say that everything was very interesting!

    I need a little help with a game I’m working on. It’s #3 Message in a Haunted Mansion. I haven’t been able to play this one yet, so I am now! I started it a couple of days ago but I think I’m still pretty much at the beginning! I’ve been told to solve a wall puzzle, but I can’t find it. I’ve checked the entire mansion (or as much of the mansion as I have access to at the moment) and I can’t find this wall puzzle! Please help!

    Yours Truly,
    Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan

  3. ~R: I don’t believe there are any Easter Eggs in SHA, unless you count minor references to other games as Eggs.

    Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan:
    Oooh, camping sounds like fun! Hope you didn’t get eaten by too many mosquitoes. 😉
    Have you tried searching in the Message Board for hints on MHM? I’m sure you can find something of use in there. (You don’t have to have an account to read the forums.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh, well thanks anyways! 🙂


  5. Random Nancy Drew Fan says:

    Thanks Little Jackalope!

    Yours Truly,
    Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan

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