Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day fellow Americans! Yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July enjoying the freedom we so greatly appreciate. Not all countries get to enjoy this as we do, and spending a day celebrating reminded us that it should not be taken for granted. We are one country; free to work hard, cast votes, believe what we believe, and live as we live in peace. Females have a voice and are free to take part in the same society as men.

In the books, Nancy Drew has freedom to travel, wear the stylish clothes she likes, drive places on her own, and speak up where justice and help is needed. She has this freedom because of the lives that were lost fighting for it in the past and present.

I’m sure Nancy wouldn’t get to be the same Nancy in the books if things were different in the place where she lives. Because of this country, you get to learn and be curious. You get to become whatever you want to be and aim for whatever line of work you set your heart and mind to accomplish. Nancy chose to be a detective, what would you like to do? The sky’s the limit when you work hard at getting there!

Happy 4th of July from the Her Interactive team!

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