Spying on Busy Workers

Here at the office there are workers who are busying themselves with their individual tasks. A lot of art in the art department is needed to be turned in by tomorrow, puzzles are being tried and tested in the production department, and marketing is gearing up for the official launch of The Captive Curse on Tuesday! It’s a busy Thursday, and I like to snoop and spy on what everyone is doing.

I got to take a peak at some exciting video an artist made that is going into the next game, but alas, I cannot reveal any more information about this. 🙁

While sneaking at peak over the shoulders of the production department, I walked past the most tempting bowl of chocolates, seen here:I wonder if they keep a count on these, because after I snapped a picture, three pieces *mysteriously* went missing. ^.~

Tomorrow we have another weekend puzzle contest! Come back then to learn more and participate for a chance to win….a prize that you will have to come back to discover. (No peaking)!

~Little Jackalope~

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4 responses to “Spying on Busy Workers”

  1. Random Nancy Drew Fan says:

    *So…* will next Weekend Puzzle be a contest or will it be a prize for everybody (who solves it)?

    Do you ever repeat puzzles or puzzle designs that you used previously on AS? Just curious. I think it’s safe to tell us because there’s a couple of years of puzzles we’d have to go through to find one reused… but now that I think about it, if you say yes, everybody will start looking through the past puzzles and you wouldn’t want to reuse the puzzles after that…

    Yours Truly,
    Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan =D

  2. Hmm, I do recall sort of repeating a puzzle or two in the past (and other bloggers who have done the same). We try to make it unique every time, though. 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would have taken more chocolate…

    From me,

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    I solved the case of the missing chocolate! what do i get 🙂

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