Game Play and Paper Planes

The weekend was too short this time; I didn’t get to finish playing another round of The Captive Curse, but at least I started. I do prefer to take my time with games and movies, though. If I play or watch something in two to three increments (or more), I have that time in between to think about what had just happened. The idea and story is still fresh in my mind, and upon returning to where I left off, I am ready to view the next piece with all of my current thoughts established. This way I feel as though I get more out of the experience.

How do you play story-based games? Do you rush through in one or two sittings, fixed on “what’s going to happen next”? Or do you play in sessions, taking your time to contemplate clues and the character’s means and motives?

To disrupt my captive thoughts, I found this paper plane in my bin today. I have a rough idea who put it there, and I’m thinking of coloring on it and then passing it on.
Congrats to those who solved the weekend puzzle! This one was a little tedious and perhaps a bit tricky. The letters are directions (D=Down, L=Left, U=Up, R=Right. and D2 for example is Down twice)

Here’s how it would look:

While following the lines, be sure to [note each letter or character that is fully boxed in].

The finished web address should look like this:[]

Type this in, and you will get this. Hooray! This is also offered on our home page today as the free Monday Download.

~Little Jackalope~

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2 responses to “Game Play and Paper Planes”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If it’s a pic,Little Jackalope,could you tell me what it is.For some odd reason,it won’t work on my computer. 😛

    From me,

  2. The link “you will get this” is the link that is also seen in the spoiler code just before. It takes you right to a download. This download will probably not work on Mac computers. 🙁

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